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  • What is psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy is a professional relationship between you and your therapist, and this relationship is committed to your overall well being. This includes relieving any emotional pain you may have, reducing symptoms you are experiencing ( headaches, lack of sleep, depression), improving relationships and quality of life.
  • Are there risks associated with psychotherapy?
    Yes, sometimes you may feel worse before you feel better. It can be difficult to talk about things that are painful. Also, therapy may complicate your life as you try to implement any changes associated with your goals. The important thing is to talk about what is difficult during the therapeutic process.
  • Do you take insurance?
    Yes, I take Blue Cross Blue Sheild and am an in-work provider. If you do not have BCBS, you will have to submit to your insurance for reimbursement with an invoice I will provide. Check with your insurance company before you make the appointment. Session fees are $130.
  • Do you offer faith-based counseling?
    I offer counseling from a Christian perspective only when requested by the Client.
  • What is your availability?
    Please contact for availability.
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